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Call It “Home” Yet?

If three back-to-back-to-back wins don’t have the power to break in this new stadium.. nothing does..

walk offs.jpg

Walk Off Wonders

damon walk off.jpg

[excluding a WS championship, which I’m unashamed to say I’m fully expecting]..

Side Notes:

– I could get used to this walk off thing.

– JD, who I will call Bamm Bamm because he utterly clubs it like Barney Rubble’s boy, is ama-za-zing.

– A.J. needs to send me a pie [preferably to my doorstep and not my face].. I honestly want to know if he makes them himself.. Either way, anyone else find it odd how incredibly intense the dude comes off as on the field and yet he’ll still throw a pie at a guy? It’s like pondering the thought of Jorge wearing clown shoes. Hmm.. I wonder if Posada would ever let A.J. catch him with a pie.

– Though his bat has lost it’s thunder recently, he still has a sick hair cut. Swishhawk is awesome.. Haven’t seen Bruney with his hat off yet, but shaving off your entire head? Not so awesome.

– A-Rod is 5-29 since his return.. 3 of the 5 = home runs.. 10 games, 7 RBI’s. Difference between A-Rod hitting .172 and Tex hitting near Mendoza line = Alex is timing them pretty well. Nice of Tex to finally break out yesterday though. Keep it up?

– What I probably praise more of Teixeira for the game yesterday, rather than the 4 hits and 4 RBI’s, is the fire [which he really displayed in Gomez’s direction]. Though being cool under pressure has been commendable of him despite the criticism, boos and this less than satisfactory start to the year from him, it wasn’t exactly working. Maybe, in Tex’s case, emotion is needed.

– Speaking of, do new reporters become utterly uncreative when it comes to Joba that they feel they must reprint the same stories? The fist pump isn’t disappearing and it has no reason to. Though Huff felt he should give Joba a dose of his own medicine two series ago [sorry on the lateness w/ this], give it a rest. Joba never intentionally shows up anyone [which is why Huff should get two to the back, for both times he acted like an a**] and why should he control his natural emotion when he gets a big out? So that no player gets his feelings hurt? I know the steroids have lessened the manlihood downstairs of some fellas, but seriously, kill the sensitivity. P.S. Must be the con of being a Yankee.

– I realize I’m writing this post in no order whatsoever, but must point out CF monster tag team that is presenting itself with Melky & Brett the Jet.. Playing both of them would be luxury, but I’m satisfied getting as much we can from what the competition will brew.

– Probably missed a lot [and probably said this before], but lastly, the team chemistry is something special this year.

Random Note: I just despise Justin Morneau.. perhaps more than Carlos Friggin Peña..

On Deck: Eggo waffles and Frosted Flakes man Andy Pettitte [said on Yankees On Deck that was his breakfast growing up.. and mine =)] taking the hill in the final game of this series against Glen Perkins. The goal is the sweep.. but the real goal is full embarrassment.. Twins fans: truely sorry.. and as a sympathetic gesture I will give you a very valuable piece of advice: don’t even turn on the TV tomorrow..

In The Hole: CC starting off the next series versus the O’s on Tuesday [and I’m attending] and though I would love to see Huff take a heater to the ribcage, the umps might be as idiotic as the one that tossed Lackey, so save it for the later innings ; ) Or.. bring in Veras for that.. they would undoubted assume it’s his control [or lack of it].

P.S. Will likely host an live in-gamer ma-jig for the game tomorrow [which will be both on YES and ESPNothing but crap].. so let me know who’s up for it.

Who Needs A Bail Bondsman?

.. when you have a get out of jail free card for the bullpen [specifically the worthless Jose Veras] that looks like this:


Anyone looking for my live reaction from the 8th on [and another accurate prediction], check it:

We need A-Rod in the lineup because? *Major applause for Peña..*
Errrt.. screeching halt on the comeback.
Alby? Seriously?
Did Alby just pitch a 1-2-3? My eyes must deceive me. If that truly just happened, there is no way we can lose this game.

Tex didn’t K? I repeat: There is no way we can lose this game.
Hip Hip Mother Eff-n Jorge!!
Didn’t even record an out in the 9th.. say whhatttt. Gracias Fuentes. =)

Classic. Unbelievably satisfying win.

Side Notes:

Though I will mildly criticize him and point out the eery trend showing
regarding pitching performance vs. who’s behind the plate, I can not say
enough how much I miss Jorge’s bat in the lineup. ’08 may have not been
such a nightmare had Posada been healthy.

You know things are definitely heading in the right direction when the
team that gives the Yanks hell do what they usually do [come back when
the Yanks have a solid lead] and the Yanks still pull off a win. Me like.

However, probably the most shocking thing about this game was not the
comeback itself, but the fact that it was done without King of New
York, Nick Swisher, who came out of the game after taking a pitch to
the elbow. After the game, when told by Kim Jones “Girardi

says he’d be surprised if you can go tomorrow”, the definition of
awesomeness said in response: “Let’s see if we can surprise him.” I
take it isn’t serious.

Fact Of Baseball:
Sometimes it’s okay to be glad of an injury.. such as that of Cody
Ransom. If he had not hit the DL, Ramiro Peña [a.k.a. the guy that
knows how to bring it] would still be riding the bench, instead of
putting on a show. Great job by A-Rod’s backup’s backup.

Trying not to bash because he got on base to start it off in the 9th,
but Tex’s average couldn’t look any uglier. He’s trying but, it isn’t good enough. He had said it best after Monday’s loss
to Detroit:
“I’m here to produce, not have good at-bats. Good at-bats don’t do anybody any good.” [Yeah, Yogi-esque.]

Oh, and the C&C boys are baaaaack. Robbie has been hot since day one and now Melky is officially giving Gardner a run for his money.

On Deck: Speaking of a double dose of half a squiggly, the big man CC is taking the mound for a Saturday afternoon game facing Matt Palmer. 5 straight?

I can’t tell who it was but Hilarious celebratory dance by someone Joba [thanks for the confirmation Level] in
the dugout after the Posada homer in the 1st. You can see the hilariousness at the :10
ish mark here.

P.P.S. I don’t care how much they play it during the game, I can’t get enough of this commercial:

P.P.S. Dear Tampa Bay Rays: Thanks. You go from worthless to first place last year and now the Canadians think they can do it too. Look what you’ve started.. If the Nationals manage to even begin to come close to playing over .500 this year, I swear the fabric of baseball will completely tear.

Dominance & A Double Dose Of Excellence

First, I present to you the dominance:

swish & jorge.jpg

That pretty much says it all for this game doesn’t it?

Side Notes:

– Though I hate to slam Michael Kay [because unlike the many that are dissatisfied with him, I actually enjoy his  play by play better than any other] he was unfortunately clueless today. At one point, a heckler decided to relieve his boredom by shouting out a few profanities and when the camera turned
to Joe G., who was obviously trying to get security on it, Kay didn’t know
what was going on, and thought Girardi was trying to call Jorge back
[who was on the batting circle]… and then, upon realizing the
situation, decided to commend Girardi for having a keen eye on things
and the talent to pay attention to the field as well as  things like
that… Yeahh.. sorry, but I believe the hard part is not
paying attention to a thing like that. If I could hear the heckler half
a country away [thanks J for the geography lesson] then I’m sure
Girardi didn’t have to try hard to be aware of that.

– It was a day off for the B-Day boy, as Tex was scratched before the game because of a sore left wrist. He is scheduled to play tomorrow so it looks as if it isn’t serious, thankfully.

– I’m calling a TYIB award early. Winner of ’09 Weirdest Mid-Pitch Face: Jose Veras. Exhibit A: here. Exhibit B: here.

Though I do not gamble, in any way shape or form, *cough cough* I would
bet my live savings [currently 50¢] that Swish is in the lineup
tomorrow. Girardi would get a tomato tossed at him from New York if he
isn’t [and I’ll make sure it gets there in time..]

– One person I don’t want to see in the lineup tomorrow: Cody Ransom. Give Pena a try, Cody’s not cutting it.

Finally the mystery as to how Swish is doing it is solved: 3 Red Bulls
a game.. I smell a future commercial coming. I guarantee he rips the
skin off the ball one of these days.

P.S. Word has it that DJ Swish is going to use Thunderbolt in his next at bat for dramatic effect.

On Deck: Joba’s first start of the season, going head to head against Gil Meche, with a game time of 2:10 p.m.

Breathe. . . Order Has Been Restored

… and no, it wasn’t restored just with a win.

What Happened [That We Wished Would’ve Happened 3 Days Ago]:

1.) The offense scored a load

box 4909.jpg

2.) the starting pitcher for the Yanks notched a K [multiple ones in fact]

3.) Tex forced O’s fans to realize best attribute: shutting up [which is tied for further making fools of themselves]

cano & swisher.jpg

and lastly…

6.) Mariano Rivera did what Mariano Rivera does [sit them down at any age because he’s Mariano Rivera]…

Fellas: This is more like it.

Side Notes:

– Beyond sad start to the day. It was recognized by a moment of silence before the game.

– Gotta love this quote by Michael Kay today: “Sometimes even a Lamborghini
or a Bentley has trouble getting out of the garage, but once it hits
the highway…” [he didn’t finish the sentence because it was obvious
that what happens is

Congratulations to Ramiro Pena for getting his first big league hit in
his first at-bat. Damon teasing him by tossing the ball [not the real
base hit one] into the stands was good stuff, lol.

– I love Nick Swisher.

– If you listen to the post game interview of the man mentioned above [which you can hear on Pete Abraham’s blog here] you can hear the music he played in the clubhouse today. He blasted some Snoop [which I did as well to pump me up for my pre-spring training workout]. When asked “You don’t actually ever give up on being an everyday player right?” his response was “Oh hell nah.” Lol.

On Deck: Pettitte vs. Sidney Ponson tomorrow afternoon… really looking forward to this, lol.

Blehh. . . Double Dud

it’s too early in the season to be let down like this and I’m too tired to elaborate on this disappointment, I’m going to
keep this post short and pay attention to the positives:

1.) The Yanks at least made this guy happy:


2.) A.J. has the opportunity to be the first Yankee starter to notch a K.

3.) Sooner or later the offense will realize ’08 is over… hopefully.

4.) Tex’s updated average is .111. [Yeah, that’s a positive… for obvious reasons.]

mark teix sellout.jpg

5.) Only gave up 7 runs today and 6 walks.. that’s what I call improvement.

Side Notes:

Thanks to Mike, Jason, & Jane for stopping by for the in-gamer..
made this game much more bearable. Hope the next one is accompanied by
a win.

– Special thanks to the ballplayer by the name of Derek Jeter for getting us the least bit hype at the end there.

– Tomorrow
A.J. is on the mound for a 1:35 ET start… but if you look ahead, you
will see that we’re in store for the match-up of a lifetime on Friday night.
Andy Pettitte will be going head to head with… Sidney Ponson. Oh
yeah.. get ready.. lol.

And The Countdown To The Ones That Count Comes Closer To Its Culmination

of right now, there are no more months, weeks or days to wait for
another season of baseball to begin.. just hours. The ’09 season
officially kicks off in about 16 of those hours, with the first game of
the year to be played at 8:00 p.m. between the Braves and Phillies at
Citizens Bank Park. To say the least: Baseball is back. To elaborate:
Baseball is back… and possibly better than ever if you’re a Yankee
fan. If you’re looking for any indication, this past double dose
preview between the Yanks and Cubs was it. No, it was not anything especially spectacular, but it was a solid look at what the Yanks have going for
them. Though there is no need to lay it out, I feel like going through
the list, [merely because it puts a smile on my face], so here it is:

Why ’09 Is Looking Good In Yankee Universe:

1.) Because of the 5 fellas that make up the rotation to slay all rotations:

CC Sabathia, Chien-Ming Wang, A.J. Burnett

Andy Pettitte, Joba Chamberlain

No further explanation needed.

2.) Because the new stadium seems to have a mind of its own:

being a mere block away and having dimensions exactly the same as the
stadium once known by the same name [instead of with the “old” prefix
it currently has before its title], this new ballpark does not seem to
be the same playing field if you watched Friday and Saturday’s games.
Yankee Stadium [the latter] has apparently adapted the traits of its
inhabitants and has begun to exhibit signs that it isn’t satisfied with
the amount of home runs by the Yankees, despite the fact that that
facet of their game is what gave them their nickname, the Bronx Bombers. Two
unofficial games are obviously not substantial evidence, but 7 long
balls by the team in two days? The only possible explanations I can
think of are:

a) because the way the wind blows at the Colosseum is magically in the direction of the bleachers

b) because the Cubs were throwing BP

c) because the ghosts of pinstriped past made the trip for the games, took their cue from Christopher Lloyd and worked a little magic,


d) because the Yanks were just pumped [hopefully not because of any juice of the illegal variety]…

I think it may or may not be a combination of the above, but, either way, I think it’s still foreshadowing something…

3.) Because sooomeone likes New York:

with that someone being Mark “Does 2 back to back home runs in an
unofficial game still count toward my Yankeeometer?” Teixeira. Again,
despite the fact that the last two games were technically still Spring
Training and will not appear in official stats for the year, I still like to
think they count… they are the man’s first in Yankee Stadium. They
sure as hell mean something to him.

4.) Because my gut is telling me RC will be having an incredible season [unlike his last]:

Reason #1: because he can’t have a worse one than he did last season, can he?

Reason #2: He hit the first homer [though unofficial] and the Baseball Gods plan these things…

#3: Robbie just seems like the bounce back kind of kid and has a fresh
start as an opportunity to do that. New season, new stadium, seemingly
new attitude in the clubhouse… ’06 Robbie is coming back.

5.) Because Joe G. has realized New York is not Florida:

… despite the fact that everyone from New York vacations and/or
retires there. However, tossing that tidbit aside, let me say this:
Thank you. It took a season Yankee fans are still popping prescription
pills attempting to forget to help you understand that talking the talk
ain’t good enough and that the managerial skills that got you Manager of
the Year as skipper for the Marlins in ’05 don’t mean anything in New
York, but you’re learning and shaking things up this year, so I’ll
award you some points. However, all is not forgiven. If you’re going to
promise something and wear that promise every night on your back,
deliver it. If you are unable to, spare us the sugarcoating attempts,

Other Reasons That Need No Excessive Elaboration:

6.) Brett Gardner: Two words.. speed kills [especially if you figure a hot bat into the equation, which I’m hoping he’ll display all season].

7.) Jorge Posada: IF he remains as healthy as he seems, it’ll be great to have him back.

8.) Brian Bruney: I’m positive he’ll step up to the challenge and perform in the set up role.

9.) Nick Swisher:
He may have lost his job before he got it, but his personality and
energy is still a plus to the team, whether or not he gets playing time.

Closing it out with…

10.) Mo: [Of course.] Despite the continued whispers we’re sure to hear [every year from here on out] of his ever increasing age, I’m sure he’ll still be kicking a** and taking names this year.

So, to sum it up, let me just ask:

ump brushing plate.jpg

Are You Ready?

P.S. Jason [the original MLBlog in-gamer host], over at Heartland Pinstripes, will be hosting an HDLR [Heartland Digital Living Room] for tomorrow’s game, so be sure to stop by and join in if you can. All fans are welcome.

Taking It All In

The Press Conference:

because this involved Alex Rodriguez, a lot has already been said about
this one.. and naturally, because this involved Alex Rodriguez, a hell
of a lot more negative things have been put out there than positive..
which shouldn’t surprise anyone. However, I think this time it was
possibly taken to a whole new level.

a-rod fans.jpg

has been the front and back page story more times than I can count, but
yesterday was probably the first time I felt as if many had their
articles written before A-Rod even said a word. Granted, it was pretty
much inconceivable to think that whatever A-Rod had to say or whatever
answers he gave was going to be powerful enough to take the stench
created by this latest ‘roid news away, but a lot of times power comes
not only from what is said.. and yesterday, for some reason, along with
some things I too found unpleasant, I also saw some things I
felt were commendable. For one, it was evident that Alex attempted to
prepare as best he could, as pretty much everyone knows he’s not a
great public speaker to say the least, realized that he did
this to himself and had to deal with it, was honestly sorry for it and
was probably more vulnerable than at least I’ve ever seen him. However, with that said, I know that the news of Alex’s use of steroids was a stab in the heart and
back to many, but I’ll let everyone else spend years criticizing him.
For the most part I pretty much take the stance that if it is not who you are now,
I don’t care.. and because A-Rod has not failed a drug test since ’03
[obviously not needing ‘roids to play at the level he has] and can’t
change the past even if he wanted to, I don’t see a reason to continue
picking this apart [his credibility/character may be a different story]. Judgement Day will still come for him 14 or so
years from now whether he likes it or not.

One more thing though…

Rodriguez said he knew that what he was taking wasn’t Tic Tacs…

primabolan tic tacs.jpg

but ehhhh, I don’t know… they look pretty much the same to me.

El Capitan’s Response:

Jeet had not said much about the situation since the story broke out,
when he spoke to reporters yesterday, I think all that came from his
mouth was pretty much expected. Unsurprisingly, he stated that he and
the team would be behind him, supporting him even though they do not
condone what he did, that Alex admitted to his mistake and now it’s
time to move on. However, probably the only thing really worth noting
is Jeet’s defense of the game, assuring all that not everyone
was taking at the time. I do wish many more people would realize this
and not state that ‘well, everyone was doing it so it really shouldn’t
be a surprise’ or something like that, because though many were, much
more weren’t and shouldn’t be put in the same boat.

The Death Of A Ballpark:

Yes, Shea’s demolition is done…

shea demolition.jpg

Ding dong, the witch is dead!

Sorry, just had to say that.

Manny Still On The Market?:

This guy does know that spring training is literally days away right? Hmm… should we start a pool?

Mark Teixeira:

Does the boy look good in Yankee blue or what?


Then again.. who doesn’t?

[Besides maybe Sal Fasano.. but we will not speak of that..]

In Retrospect

off, I hope everyone had a good time over the holidays, even though I
didn’t [half of  my 12 day vacation from school was a big bummer].  I may be a little late but Happy New Year and all that good
stuff. Back to business. The recap of recent activity:

1. Tex Dons The Pinstripes… After Asking The Missus First

guy that Red Sox hoped they’d get to draw some attention back to them
and the Yanks got by saying “Name your price… okay, done deal” put
the pinstripes on for the first time Tuesday, and though it goes
without saying, looked pretty damn good. The story on every back page
in New York, however, was all about his wife and how Tex needed to have
her say-so to become a Yankee. I admit I got a little chuckle out of
that, but I gotta say, Mark’s no fool. He doesn’t care that his
manlihood is being joked about for a reason. She wears the pants, but
he still brings home the bacon mountain load of bacon.

tex intro-1.jpg

2. Cleveland Becomes The First Team To Come Dangerously Close To Becoming Clinically Insane

Okay, I
knew some team would dare to sign him, but still, I can’t imagine how Pavano, the guy who is literally the definition of injury prone [look it up, I kid you not], is worth more than a penny… not even a shiny one at that.
Yeah, he came back and managed to finish ’08 without stubbing his toe,
but nonetheless… you know that if there is a God, he
has one hell of a sense of humor when Americans who work hard every day
get laid off, while a guy who sat on his *** for half the time he was
in pinstripes is offered $1.5 million easily… and to top it
off though is that fact that even if the worst should happen to him and
he could no longer pitch, he still could easily earn cash advertising for ACE bandages, or possibly even create a new line of designer crutches… who

3. Pettitte Does What I Thought Was Impossible

He said no… to [lotto guy voice] 10 millll-ion dollars… from the Yankees. You what the Yanks said back? “Okay, but when you change your mind… because you will change
your mind… it won’t be $10 million on the table anymore bud.” Putting
jokes aside though, am I the only one who just hates the business side
of baseball? Pettitte wants to be a Yankee and the Yankees want
Pettitte to be a Yankee. You’d think that’d be the easiet contract the
Yanks sign in the off-season, but noooo…

4. Number Of Teams Interested In Former Bo-Sock: Not Manny

didn’t get a check in his stocking and I’m guessing, with Manny being
Manny, he’s pretty peeved… nahhhh, does anyone really believe he
cares about anything? Still, it’s January, and the big boy still hasn’t
got a new uniform. I’d be seriously embarrassed if I were him right
about now. I mean, Pavano got a contract before him. I mean, that’s
just sad.

Side Notes:

– I can’t say G-G-G-G-G-G-Giambino [the G-Unit pronunciation] anymore, booooo.

Bernie gets hit with an injury after joining a Puerto Rican winter ball
team, putting the brakes on his comeback. Though I don’t neccesarily
want to see him in the outfield for the Yanks ever again [no offense
Bern] I would’ve loved to still see him back in the game.

Real Life Monopoly

Okay, now I’ve ‘gotta admit… sometimes I even think it’s unfair.


But hey… it is the Yankees, would you expect anything different?

Now, if you haven’t already heard of the news that has rocked the baseball world today
then you must live under a rock, but nonetheless I’ll reiterate it here
for no other reason than because it sounds that good: Mark Teixeira will be a New York Yankee… Although some prophesied this move beforehand, I, on the other hand, did not think this was going to happen, but apparently there is no limit
whatsoever to the amount of money the execs will spend this Tex-Mas. However, now that it’s being reported that the
Yanks sealed the deal [with 180 million dollars], what does this deal
mean? The way I see it [something I should never say, as the way I see
things isn’t always so normal] is that this means:

1. I will now have to learn how to spell the guy’s name without looking it up anymore.

The Yanks will not be going after Manny Ramirez… unless they are
seriously out of their minds and/or enjoy getting people angry with
their flagrant displays of their wealth, while people are losing their
homes, losing their jobs or having a hard time finding one [namely,
me], or worse… and knowing Hank, that enjoyment is a definite

3. According to Peter Abraham,
this move could mean we won’t be seeing the return of Pettitte, with it
not leaving much room for Andy, unless the Yanks can trade one of their
extra hitters… which just blows. It may be just me but I’d rather
have Old Reliable.

4. I’m going to have to figure out a more unique nickname for Mark than the widely used “Tex”/”Teix”… I’ll get back to you guys on this one.

5. People are going to hate a lot more
than usual [yeah, that’s still possible] if the Yanks make it to the
postseason or farther in ’09. [Note: I use the word “if” only because
the confidence people

mistake for cockiness attribute that Yankee fans possess has got us into
trouble in the past… and of course by “past” I mean the past 8 years.]

6. I honestly don’t know what else this means but I felt like there should be more than 5 reasons this move is big news…

P.S. I would like to thank Jane for writing one of the best articles on being a Yankee fan I’ve possibly ever read… All I can say after reading it is amen.

Welcome Boys. . .

Wearing that interlocking NY logo feels good doesn’t it?


‘Cuz it sure as hell looks good.

now that the papers are signed and these pups have had a chance to
sniff around the house a bit, it’s time to get back to business and ask
the big questions still on mind of Yankee fans […or just me]:

Will Manny ever cease to be a topic of discussion during the off-season
or near the trade deadline? Seriously, let me know if that’s possible.

Will Boston give up their attempts to make bigger signings than us
already? Even if we throw aside the whole debate about which team is
better, it’s pure fact that our bank account is bigger and players,
whether they admit it or not, all want to be Yankees.

3. Will the Yanks empty said bank account? With all this talk surrounding Manny and Teixeira [doubt either will be in NY anytime soon but w/e] I’m wondering if the Yankees have ever heard of a budget.. or the phrase “insufficient funds” for that matter. Then again, it must be pure joy to be able to sign checks with that many zeros on them.

Will the lineup have more than one guy under the age of 30 on Opening Day?
I’m not sure, but this veteran situation seems oddly familiar… guess
that whole youth movement died, and I’m thinking it’ll be buried if
Leche gets shipped off.

And last, and most importantly…

5. Will CC wear a uniform that fits him? CC: You’re young, but not that young. The baggy look can barely be pulled off by teenage boys.