For Former ‘Mates, Nothing But. . . Love

And by love I mean…


killer dominance.

Side Notes:

– G’damn those red caps.

Fake umps grace Yankee Stadium with their appearance behind home plate.
Leave it to the Yanks to give free Legends seat tix to fans of the
opposing team.

– As I said before, I will praise Robbie if/when he picks up a hit with the game on the line.. or any hit whatsoever with runners in scoring position.

Breaking news: It has officially gotten to the point where I don’t even know what
Girardi will do in any given situation. He states clearly Bruney’s the
8th inning man two days ago. The 8th comes around and.. in comes Coke  and Hughes. The job was done all the same, but it’d be great if
our manager didn’t make an a** of himself.. more than he already has.

– Relaxed and ready to enjoy the latest A-Rod home run tear.

– That’s it.. Mo’s pitching forever.

Beast Of The Ballgame:

beast 6:3.jpg

Solid stuff. 1.00 ERA in his last 4 starts. Badazz.

On Deck: Chien-Ming Wang vs. Roy Halladay.. oh this one is going to go well.


Not a fan of the red caps? Personally I like the blue ones better but I don’t mind them. Having some consistency with a manager always helps. Hopefully it will come with time for Girardi.

I hate the red hats just because they don’t go with the rest of the uniforms. It looks bad. Burnett pitched really well though. Maybe if wearing the red hat helps, I’ll be fine with him wearing it.

It is very weird seeing teams who don’t wear red with these caps. Luckily, its just for the weekend.


Rumor is Wang could be on the trade market as the Yanks have too many starting pitchers. Would you be upset by that? Oh, and I also heard Yanks considering keeping red hats. (that’s a total lie)

The red caps weren’t as shocking the second day. The bad news was Wang leaving the game. Ugh. Now what? A shoulder injury is not good. Paging Hughes….

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