Who Needs A Bail Bondsman?

.. when you have a get out of jail free card for the bullpen [specifically the worthless Jose Veras] that looks like this:


Anyone looking for my live reaction from the 8th on [and another accurate prediction], check it:

We need A-Rod in the lineup because? *Major applause for Peña..*
Errrt.. screeching halt on the comeback.
Alby? Seriously?
Did Alby just pitch a 1-2-3? My eyes must deceive me. If that truly just happened, there is no way we can lose this game.

Tex didn’t K? I repeat: There is no way we can lose this game.
Hip Hip Mother Eff-n Jorge!!
Didn’t even record an out in the 9th.. say whhatttt. Gracias Fuentes. =)

Classic. Unbelievably satisfying win.

Side Notes:

Though I will mildly criticize him and point out the eery trend showing
regarding pitching performance vs. who’s behind the plate, I can not say
enough how much I miss Jorge’s bat in the lineup. ’08 may have not been
such a nightmare had Posada been healthy.

You know things are definitely heading in the right direction when the
team that gives the Yanks hell do what they usually do [come back when
the Yanks have a solid lead] and the Yanks still pull off a win. Me like.

However, probably the most shocking thing about this game was not the
comeback itself, but the fact that it was done without King of New
York, Nick Swisher, who came out of the game after taking a pitch to
the elbow. After the game, when told by Kim Jones “Girardi

says he’d be surprised if you can go tomorrow”, the definition of
awesomeness said in response: “Let’s see if we can surprise him.” I
take it isn’t serious.

Fact Of Baseball:
Sometimes it’s okay to be glad of an injury.. such as that of Cody
Ransom. If he had not hit the DL, Ramiro Peña [a.k.a. the guy that
knows how to bring it] would still be riding the bench, instead of
putting on a show. Great job by A-Rod’s backup’s backup.

Trying not to bash because he got on base to start it off in the 9th,
but Tex’s average couldn’t look any uglier. He’s trying but, it isn’t good enough. He had said it best after Monday’s loss
to Detroit:
“I’m here to produce, not have good at-bats. Good at-bats don’t do anybody any good.” [Yeah, Yogi-esque.]

Oh, and the C&C boys are baaaaack. Robbie has been hot since day one and now Melky is officially giving Gardner a run for his money.

On Deck: Speaking of a double dose of half a squiggly, the big man CC is taking the mound for a Saturday afternoon game facing Matt Palmer. 5 straight?

I can’t tell who it was but Hilarious celebratory dance by someone Joba [thanks for the confirmation Level] in
the dugout after the Posada homer in the 1st. You can see the hilariousness at the :10
ish mark here.

P.P.S. I don’t care how much they play it during the game, I can’t get enough of this commercial:

P.P.S. Dear Tampa Bay Rays: Thanks. You go from worthless to first place last year and now the Canadians think they can do it too. Look what you’ve started.. If the Nationals manage to even begin to come close to playing over .500 this year, I swear the fabric of baseball will completely tear.


you can’t tell that’s Joba doing the running man? i’d say i’m 99% sure that’s Joba dancing to Posada’s jack.. just look for the flat-brimmed hat (i think only Phil Hughes is the only other one who has flat-brimmed hat)

LOL, I thouuuught it was him. I took a look again and I can pick out Hughes three guys to the left of Chamberlain, so it’s definitely Joba, hehe.. He’s such a kid =D
– V

Nats have not a chance, V. The Orioles may be next year’s Jay’s who are this year’s Rays…. right? LOL.

there was also a quick shot of Joba going OFF right before either jorge’s at bat or it might have been Matsui’s last night. are you hosting a game anytime soon?


I made the same point in my post. The offense has finally come alive which is great but they keep having to bail out the bullpen.

Damn. I don’t get to see that commercial here in CA because I’m stuck watching the Angels feed. Anyhow, tremendous win last night. Everybody contributed, even Tex. Without A-Rod hitting behind him, he’s not getting many good pitches and yet he’s not pressing; he’s taking the walks and some have been key. So I’m giving him a pass for awhile on the offense. His glove work has been great. He’ll do better. Hopefully.🙂


The Nats will sink…no worries :O) They have to…because I simply cannot deal with having to live in that alternate universe when the fabric of time and space rips open…NOOOOOOOO!! Ha :O)


Love the commercial and I hope the rains hold off so that the Red Sox & Yankees can get their games in on Monday & Tuesday but the weather when I woke up this morning in NY wasn’t so good.


Yes, I love this commercial too😄

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